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Everyday Creative workshops help organizations and teams to supercharge creativity, collaboration, and adaptability.

How do we prepare for a future full of unknowns?

By getting creative.


In the next five years:

  • 23% of jobs will radically change, with some eliminated and others created

  • 44% of workers' skills will be disrupted


Source: Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum


Creative thinking and problem solving rank high on the list of must-have skills for the years to come, along with adaptability, resilience, and the ability to collaborate. The best way to prepare to work, innovate, and thrive in a future full of unknowns is to get creative together.

In Everyday Creative workshops, we use fun, low-pressure artistic exercises to build creative problem-solving skills and confidence, strengthen team communication and connection, and practice rolling with the unexpected.


We create custom workshops for business teams, conferences and events, mental health organizations, and community centers. We'd love to create a workshop session or series for you too.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I’m an everyday creative, which means that exercising my creativity is a just normal part of my day. As ordinary and necessary as brushing my teeth. 

I'm an award-winning children's book author, interdisciplinary artist, and arts educator. I write stories, draw cartoons, paint, perform theater improvisation, and dibble-dabble in other art modalities. 

For the past 15 years, I’ve used my own daily creative practice as a springboard to lead writing, drawing, and improvisation workshops for both adults and kids. I love using artistic exercises and games to help people surprise themselves with the power of their imaginations, dismantle fear and perfectionism, and build unshakeable trust in their creative abilities.

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Future-proof your team

Everyday Creative workshops and programs help business leaders and teams to: 


  • Develop creative problem-solving skills that are useful in every role.

  • Build resilience and adaptability, to improve one's ability to take a curveball.

  • Create high-performance teams, by strengthening communication and collaboration.

  • Shake off perfectionism and fear of failure, which stand in the way of your best work. 

Ready to start seeing powerful outcomes like these? Let's chat.


Want to fire up your team's creativity? Improve your group's ability to collaborate? Loosen up and have fun together? Everyday Creative offers a variety of one-time workshops and multi-session programs that are customized to address your most pressing challenges and help you meet your strategic goals. 


Client Love

Stephanie's workshop provided our team with that perfect blend of skill building, team bonding and fun. We all left the workshop newly energized about our individual and collective creativity, with stronger connections to each other, and inspired for the work at hand.

Max Musicant,
Principal of the Musicant Group 

This workshop helped me explore new ways to engage the creativity of my colleagues. It was a fun and unique approach to team building!

Neil F.,
Sr. Director of Product Practices

Stephanie’s workshops are like taking your brain to the playground. Her warm energy and bright ideas light up the room and remind us of what we so easily forget: that fun isn’t frivolous and play is essential.

Kari Pearson,
Loft Literary Center student 

We’ve been taught that creativity belongs only to talented, special people. 

That’s wrong.

Everyone gets a creative muscle, just like everyone gets a heart. It’s standard issue. And just like a heart, creativity is both ordinary and incredible.

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