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Everyday Creative workshops and programs are highly customized, and designing a great experience starts with a conversation. First, let's chat about your challenges and goals. From there, we'll can tailor a creative program or workshop that's a great fit. 

We have many tools in our toolkit— drawing games, improv games, writing exercises, collage activities, and more. Sessions tap into the power of creative cross-training to reach your goals, whether you want to strengthen creative confidence and problem-solving skills, improve adaptability and resilience, or improve team dynamics. 

What challenges are your team or organization currently facing? Are you curious how a creative session or series might help? Let's chat.

One-Time Workshops

A single session is a great way to reconnect participants with their innate creative spark, and prime your group for future creative exploration and collaboration. Participants leave feeling energized and inspired. We build each workshop around the unique challenges and goals of your team.


Sample goals: 

  • Improve your team's ability to listen to each others' ideas and collaborate

  • Access greater levels of creativity while short-circuiting the fear of failure

  • Increase your team's ability to react to a curveball with creativity and confidence

  • Build connections and team culture

  • Create an environment where creative risk-taking is welcome

Sample workshops: 

  • Drawing Games

  • Improv Games

  • Collaborative Drawing & Collage 

If you're interested in chatting about a workshop, let's connect!

Workshops are highly customized to meet the needs of your group. Pricing starts at $1000 USD per session, with slightly reduced fees for nonprofit organizations. Single workshops typically last 75 - 90 min. Half-day, full-day and multi-day options also available. 

Multi-Session Programs

A single workshop is fun. A multi-session program is powerful. Over the course of 2 - 6 months, a Creative Cross-Training program can dramatically shift the way that participants access their creativity and approach challenges.

This core program, adapted to the needs of your team, has the potential to:

  • Supercharge creative problem-solving skills and build creative confidence

  • Improve your team's connection, communication, and trust

  • Dissolve the fear and perfectionism that get in the way of groundbreaking solutions

  • Foster a supportive culture where creativity, out-of-the box thinking, and strategic risk-taking can flourish

  • Transform the way your team reacts when inevitable curveballs come their way

What is Creative Cross-Training?
In the same way that cross-training at the gym surprises muscles into getting stronger, toggling between artistic disciplines gives creative muscles an extra potent workout. These sessions use theater improv, drawing, collage, and other modalities to foster a team of agile, confident creative problem solvers.


The Creative Cross-Training program is tailored to the unique needs, challenges, and goals of your group. Let's chat about your current challenges, and what results you'd love to see from a creative series. 

For maximum impact, suggested program length is 2 - 6 months, with sessions at least 2X per month. Programs are highly customized to align with your team's objectives and needs. Both virtual and in-person options are available. For pricing, please get in touch.

Why creative experimentation and play are awesome


Creative play builds new neural pathways that can make you a better creative problem-solver at work, school, and all other areas of life.

Stronger connections

So much of work now happens online, which can make it difficult to get your team in sync. Sharing a fun, challenging experience helps teams connect.

Stress relief

Creative play has been shown to lower cortisol (stress hormones) and boost endorphins (happy brain chemicals). Happy teams are more productive!

Employee satisfaction

Having fun in the workplace can help improve employee wellness, to prevent burnout and turnover, and improve retention.

Who are these workshops and programs for?

  • Business leaders and team members.

  • Leaders and employees at community orgs and mental health orgs.

  • Cross-functional teams

What's the vibe?

  • An easygoing, supportive, nonjudgmental environment that invites people to play and embrace mistakes.

  • Low-pressure, no-fail games designed to short-circuit fear and perfectionism.

  • Playful and fun, yet professional. 

Select Clients

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Client Love

Stephanie's workshop provided our team with that perfect blend of skill building, team bonding and fun. We all left the workshop newly energized about our individual and collective creativity, with stronger connections to each other, and inspired for the work at hand.

Max Musicant,
Principal of the Musicant Group 

This workshop helped me explore new ways to engage the creativity of my colleagues. It was a fun and unique approach to team building!

Neil F.,
Sr. Director of Product Practices

Stephanie’s workshops are like taking your brain to the playground. Her warm energy and bright ideas light up the room and remind us of what we so easily forget: that fun isn’t frivolous and play is essential.

Kari Pearson,
Loft Literary Center student 

Let's connect

Are you curious if a creative workshop or program could be a good fit for your organization? Please get in touch. We'd love to hear about what you're looking for and chat about options.

What outcomes are you interested in? (Check all that apply)

Message sent! Thanks for reaching out. We'll reply within 2 business days. 

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