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My workshops and programs are highly customized and responsive. To design a program that's a great fit, the first step is to learn about your organization and the people you serve, and suggest some options for you to consider. Once a program is up and running, I draw on my own abilities to flex and adapt in the moment, responding to the needs and interests of the group.

It's up to you whether we focus on one artistic discipline for the entire series of workshops--writing, drawing, or theater improvisation. Or I can build a program that includes multiple disciplines, to tap into the power of creative cross-training. In the same way that cross-training at the gym surprises our muscles into getting stronger, toggling between art modalities gives our creative muscles an extra powerful workout.

A single workshop is fun. A series is powerful. 

  • A single workshop session will reconnect folks to the creative spark that lives in all of us, and light up your event or group.

  • A series of sessions can create a dramatic shift in the way participants approach challenges and creative problem-solving, and build strong connections and community among participants. For a team that works together, a workshop series can help transform the culture of your team to one of more creative collaboration and strategic risk-taking. Programs often consist of 4, 6, or 8 sessions, or are ongoing. 

What are workshops like?


Fees are dependent on several factors including how many sessions you'd like, group size, and the level of customization required. 

To inquire about pricing and details, please get in touch


Program details

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  • 75 - 90 minutes per workshop

  • Schedule a single session or a series of 4, 6, 8 or more

  • Half-day, full day or multi-day options also available


What to expect: 

  • Fun, low-pressure guided exercises that feel like games

  • Drawing, writing and/or improv exercises. I'll work with you to design a program that focuses on one discipline, or is a blend of multiple disciplines

  • An easygoing, supportive, nonjudgmental environment that invites you to play and embrace mistakes

Key takeaways:

  • Tackling creative the problems found in drawing, writing, and improv exercises trains you to be a better creative problem-solver at home and at work 

  • Analog tools (Pencils! Paper! Hands!) can generate ideas that digital tools often don't

  • Emphasizing process over product can make drawing and collage more fun, and offer new perspectives 

  • If you desire, the program can also build toward a tangible takeaway like a bound collection of comics, writings, an improv showcase, a pop-up gallery show...or something else we can brainstorm together.

For people who:

  • Love to draw, write or do improv and feel skilled at it

  • Are afraid to draw, write or try improv and think they're "bad" at it

  • Haven't touched a marker or crayon since age 10

  • Have no interest in becoming an artiste but are interested in becoming a better creative problem-solver


  • In person or online 

Does a creative workshop program sound interesting? Let's talk! 

Choose from a variety of drawing workshops, including:

Drawing Games

Fast-paced games that short-circuit perfectionism, generate laughs, and help groups have fun together. In person or online.

Start with a Stick Figure

Even folks who insist they "can't draw" have a stick figure up their sleeve. Using this common symbol as a starting point, learn easy ways to add a sense of movement and emotion. In person or online.

Drawing & Collage Mashup

Fun exercises that blend paper cutting and pencil work. In person only.

De-Stress with Doodle Patterns

Draw along as I demo how to make 12 different doodle patterns. Draw these patterns when you need a creative break at work, to help sustain focus during a conference call, or just for fun. In person or online.

Writing Workshops

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  • 75 - 90 minutes per session

  • Schedule a single session or a series of 4, 6, 8 or more

  • Half-day or custom options also available

What to expect: 

  • Guided writing prompts that ease participants into writing

  • A supportive, encouraging vibe

  • No pressure to share what you write with the group

Key takeaways: 

  • How to let original ideas and images come to you, rather than trying hard to "think them up"

  • Everyone has unique, interesting stories to tell. Yes, even you!

  • Doing writing exercises trains your brain to be a better creative problem-solver in general

For people who:

  • Already love to write 

  • Haven't tried writing in a while, but would like to

  • Believe they're bad at writing and think they have no interesting ideas


  • In person or online 

Materials needed: 

  • Paper, pencils and pens.  

Choose from a variety of writing workshops, including:

Storytelling Made Simple

Instead of thinking up cool things to write about (too hard!), learn an easy step-by-step technique to tap into unique, interesting stories that already live inside you. In person or online.

Group Writing Games

In this team-building workshop, we'll use games to generate a number of group stories, and experience writing as play, not work. Works best in person, but can be online too.

Daily List Diary

Learning to notice the things other people miss is a great way to develop your creative side. Strengthen your creative "seeing" with a daily list-style diary. Then, learn how to use these lists as a source of personal writing prompts.

Haiku Poetry

A haiku is a three-line Japanese poem with 5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively. Practice writing haiku with a variety of fun, low-pressure prompts.


In addition to these workshop topics, I can also create a custom session or series for you, with drawing, writing or mix of both. Contact me to get started.



Learn how creative play can help to relieve stress, reduce burnout and employee turnover, build stronger teams, and more.


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"Stephanie's workshop provided our team with that perfect blend of skill building, team bonding and fun. We all left the workshop newly energized about our individual and collective creativity, with stronger connections to each other, and inspired for the work at hand." 

Max Musicant

Principal of the Musicant Group 

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