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Strengthen creative problem-solving skills, resilience, and adaptability with artistic exercises and play.


I use a variety of artistic disciplines—drawing, writing, and theater improvisation—to help people exercise their creative muscles (yes, we all have them!), have fun, reduce stress, build resilience and adaptability, and connect with the other people in the room. No previous art experience required.


I partner with a wide variety of clients to develop creative programming for corporate environments, mental health organizations, treatment centers, community centers, as well as conferences and special events. The workshop content is highly customized to meet the needs of the population your organization serves. 


The content changes, the venue changes, but the vibe I'm going for in a workshop is the same: fun, funny, nonjudgmental, supportive, and energizing.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I'm an award-winning children's book author, interdisciplinary artist, and arts educator. I love to write, draw cartoons, paint, perform theater improvisation, and dibble-dabble in other art modalities. 

For the past 15 years, I’ve used my own creative practice as a springboard to lead writing, drawing, and improvisation workshops for both adults and kids. I love using artistic exercises and creative games to help people surprise themselves with the power of their imaginations. This work is also a catalyst to connect deeply with yourself and others. When we play together, we remember something that we all knew as kids—creative exploration feels great. 

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Potential Outcomes

My creative programs are designed to help individuals and groups to: 

  • Tap into the creativity that's hardwired into all of us, and is a source of strength and joy.

  • Practice solving creative challenges in a space where big risks and "failure" are welcome, which improves real-world problem-solving skills.

  • Practice the anti-perfectionist mindset that can help us take unexpected setbacks in stride. 

  • Have fun and laugh together

In corporate settings, workshops can be designed to: 

  • Increase ability to get a curveball and react with creativity and confidence

  • Improve communication and cohesion between team members; culture-building

  • Nurture high-performance teams


In mental health organizations and community spaces, additional outcomes include:

  • Expressing emotions in a creative way, and use art-making to alchemize and release tough feelings.

  • Building connections with fellow participants and decrease loneliness.

Ready to start seeing powerful outcomes? Let's chat.

Programs & Workshops

My highly-customized programs and workshops consist of guided games and exercises that help connect participants with the creative energy and joy we all experienced as children at play.​ I'd love to parter with you to create a brand-new workshop or training, or work with you to make your existing trainings or workshops more engaging by adding arts activities. 

  • A single workshop session will reconnect folks to the creative spark that lives in all of us, and light up your event or group.

  • A series of sessions can create a dramatic shift in the way participants approach challenges and creative problem-solving, and build strong connections and community among participants. For a team that works together, a workshop series can help create high-performance teams that excel at creative collaboration and strategic risk-taking. Programs often consist of 4, 6, or 8 sessions, or are ongoing. I'll work with you to customize a program that's a great fit for your group.

Strengthening your creative muscles is a lot like going to the gym. Working out once is a great start. But repeat trips to the gym is the only way to get transformative results. Your creative muscles need regular workouts to stay in shape, and build a rock-solid trust in yourself that you’ll be able to handle whatever challenges roll your way. 



"Stephanie's workshop provided our team with that perfect blend of skill building, team bonding and fun. We all left the workshop newly energized about our individual and collective creativity, with stronger connections to each other, and inspired for the work at hand."

Max Musicant,
Principal of the Musicant Group 

"Stephanie's varied approaches to creativity in her workshops are rigorous—yet playful and supportive. Stephanie is a joy to work with."

Susan Marie Swanson
Caldecott-winning children's book author and educator

"Stephanie’s workshop is like taking your brain to the playground. Her warm energy and bright ideas light up the room and remind us of what we so easily forget: that fun isn’t frivolous and play is essential. Pure joy!"

Kari Pearson,
Loft Literary Center student 

Let's connect

Are you curious if a creative workshop or program would be a good fit for your organization? Get in touch. I'd love to hear about what you're looking for and chat about options.

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